To make a difference to the day to day lives of those suffering from  mental illness, extending to include their carers by creating public awareness and acceptance and in doing so achieving individual self  worth. In addition, run events to raise funding for existing programs to continue to operate effectively and efficiently, expanding to reaching our ultimate goal facilitating our own workshops and accommodation facility.
By holding events that create awareness and funding we are able to channel this through to organisations currently providing quality support programs with excellent facilities but at the same time, building resources and engaging facilitators to drive our own Foundation Shine workshops in ultimately a facility of our own.

Organisations and facilities that we have been able to assist include – MIFSA, ACEDA, Catherine House, MOSH, ADESA, Diamond House, Hutt St, Carer Support, Helen Mayo House, Flinders and the work continues.

Mental illness is prevalent in such broad forms, mostly invisible to the eye, with many too afraid to share their condition and so suffer in silence – so too their carers. Sufferers are scared of discrimination, judgment and non acceptance by the community at large. The strategy of Foundation Shine to rectify this, by increasing awareness, acceptance, self worth of sufferers and assist with raising funds to aid organisations already supplying quality solutions and further, to ultimately create and operate our own programs with our long term goal a facility to deliver these workshops and provide superior accommodation and respite.