Shine Newsletter Issue 15

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the Oscars was the theme for the Foundation Shine Inc. annual major fundraiser dinner. It was a wonderful night which raised some serious funding – $25,000 which resulted in Catherine House and Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia Inc. both being presented with cheque donations of $12,000.00 each.

On the night further discussions took place with a very generous anonymous supporter, who has committed to a further $10,000.00 donation. Clearly, the work we are continuing to do would not be possible if it was not for the support we receive by people attending our functions – Our small, but incredibly enthusiastic and hard working committee appreciate your help immensely and in particular our event sponsors Ed Schild Estate, Cleveland Freightlines and Whiteline.

Something to ponder

About 10% of Australians will be affected by anxiety disorders at some point in their life. About 20% of people will be affected by depression. Postnatal depression af fects 10 – 20% of new mothers to some degree.

Three percent of Australians are affected by psychotic illness such as schizophrenia & bipolar mood disorder. Approximately 2% of the population will experience some type of eating disorder. Around 2000 Australians die by suicide ever y year, affecting families, friends, workplaces and communities.

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Shine Newsletter Issue 14

My Cinderella Niece

Robyn Shares a “Shining” story….

I was lucky enough to spend a delightful mother’s day weekend in Sydney recently and shared wonderful times with my daughter. Since I sold my florist shop which I had for 18 years, mother’s day has become a very valued event in my life. It is also a sad day because it was on this day two years ago we lost my darling sister, who gave up her struggle with life.

Her beautiful fifteen year old daughter was feeling weighed down with the thought of spending mother’s day without her precious mum whom she loved and had supported so much. They had a very close relationship and Tyler was especially not looking forward to Sunday. She is also a young girl who loves the show “The Voice” and had formed a special twitter friendship with Rachael Leahcar from Adelaide. and Viktoria Bolonia.

She had told them about her tragic loss and how very sad she was feeling and they now talk each day. They passed her story on to Delta. Tyler was also feeling sad for her idol, Delta, who had been receiving some negative publicity. She wrote her a very positive and caring email to hopefully lift her spirits. Tyler had not been able to face up to school this week and on the Thursday evening she answered the phone to which a “voice” said “ Hi Tyler, this is Deltra Goodrem. I just got home from a function from The Voice, made myself a cup of tea, and thought I need to call and talk to my angel Tyler”.

You can imagine the emotion my sweet niece experienced at that moment! Delta thanked Tyler for her lovely email and said it was one of the nicest things that happened to her that week. Of course, Tyler told Delta that her phone call was the best thing that had happened to her in ages. Delta kindly chatted to Tyler for 15 minutes and told her she now has three angels looking after her. She then offered her two VIP tickets to The Voice. As you can imagine the happy ending was Tyler met Delta – a lovely photo was taken – & she had the best night of her life! I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Delta, Rachael and Viktoria from the bottom of my heart for caring enough, making the effort and taking the time to lift the spirit of my niece in such a wonderful way.

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Shine Newsletter Issue 13

It is so hard to believe Christmas and New Year have come and gone and we are already well in to enjoying and planning for 2012.

Foundation Shine has definitely been keeping busy as you can read by Sharon’s news on our Rockabilly and High Tea. Both of these events were very successful – one involved tea in fine bone china cups and saucers, victorian posies and the lively vibe of 120 ladies enjoying shopping, the company of friends and being inspired by our wonderful guest speakers Geoff Harris, Executive Director of the Mental Health Coalition of SA and Madge McGuire Director of Catherine House.

The Rockabilly involved over 300 energetic guests rocking and rolling the night away to the sounds of great bands and an array of vintage cars to rival the Birdwood museum!! Thanks to George and Leah Cushnie for organising this amazing event.

We are very grateful for the $5000 donation from the Rockabilly and part of the money went towards our Christmas Gift Boxes. From the High Tea we were able to donate $2000 to Catherine House towards their Education and Employment Program and $2000 to MIFSA (Mental Illness Fellowship SA) who continue to make such a difference in the lives of the many people dealing with mental health issues.

We were extremely busy just before Christmas delivering our “Christmas Cheer Gift Boxes” to the many people who struggle with mental health issues and who need a lift at this time of year.

We are often told how important these gifts are and how they really make a difference to those receiving them. I spent a very pleasant evening in the peaceful and beautiful grounds of St Johns Church, Halifax Street just before Christmas helping raise funds for the Mary Magdalene Centre’s Christmas Bazaar.

Foundation Shine put together a trading table and were able to donate $500 to this wonderful organisation. Many of the people they assist suffer from mental health problems, so we were very happy to be able to contribute and be part of this enjoyable evening. On a sadder note, one of our very loyal Shine supporters Lydia and Garry Minuzzo recently lost a loved member of their family who had been suffering from mental illness for many years. They very kindly suggested that in lieu of flowers, a donation to Foundation Shine Inc would be appreciated.

We sincerely thank them and all those attending the funeral who donated generously to Foundation Shine. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone in their family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal Foundation Shine supporters, who through your loyalty and generosity, enable us to continue being a

Warm Regards,
Robyn May President

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Shine Newsletter Issue 11

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In this issue

Mothers Day Luncheon – Mums the Word
Moulin Rouge Dinner

Up Coming Events

Foundation Shine has the following exciting events coming up – check your diaries.

Thursday, 13th October 2011
Lenzerheide Luncheon from 12 – 3pm

Invitations will soon be extended to join us for lunch in the form of an exquisite high tea. This, combined with our very own mini shopping mall will appeal to every lady’s palate and passion. The event is being run to coincide with Mental Health Week.

  • Saturday, 5th November, 2011
  • Dia Des Los Muertos Fiesta 2011
  • Car Rally, Bands, Food, Festivities
  • Whiteline Depot, Greenfields

A great night of unique cars, bands, dancing, trader stalls, food and drinks.  The inaugural event in November, 2010 was a huge success and is a much anticipated show on our 2011 calendar.

Shine Newsletter Issue 11

Shine Newsletter Issue 10

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By holding events that create awareness and funding we are able to channel this through to organisations currently providing quality support programs with excellent facilities but at the same time, building resources and engaging facilitators to drive our own Foundation Shine workshops in ultimately a facility of our own.